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After a hectic start to the week in Paris, Sissi shares with you her sweet break of the moment and invites you to discover her seasonal recipe, inspired by a great Parisian pastry chef: CĂ©dric Grolet.

A way to enjoy good things at home without moderation!

La pause sucrée de Sissi

Who is Cedric Grolet?

CĂ©dric Grolet , awarded best pastry chef in the world in 2018, offers in his shops visually stunning pastries or cakes in the form of trompe-l'oeil fruits that have made him famous.

Attracted by the art of pastry from an early age, the young man grew up making brioches and croissants and very quickly shared the desire to make cakes.

On Instagram with more than 4 million subscribers, he shares there, in the form of rhythmic videos, his recipes and his techniques to impress us from creation to creation. Attention to the greedy, bewitching result guaranteed!

The best addresses in Paris!

- Opéra - “It's at 35 avenue de l'Opéra that chef Cédric Grolet opened his first pastry bakery called “ fleurs ”. Sissi had the opportunity to stop by to discover the chef's latest creations. Unfortunately no trace of the signature apple pie. Attention for lovers of pastries and Parisian addresses, it is better to get up early or go to “Click and collect” on the site to taste the creations of the chef. During the day, places are expensive.

- Le Meurice - Also discover Cédric Grolet's plated desserts in the various restaurants of the Le Meurice hotel in Paris, or his pastries to take away in the shop “ La Pâtisserie du Meurice ” by Cédric Grolet.

The apple pie revisited

The apple season continues and why deprive yourself of this beautiful product. Among all the recipes, the traditional apple pie is making a comeback, revisited in the hands of the renowned pastry chef. Sissi decides to follow the recipe while adding carefully selected ingredients from local agriculture to add her personal touch.

  • The chef's little extra : Add a cider topping at the end of cooking, guaranteed results.
  • Sissi's little extra : Favoring local products!

On the fruit side: organic apples from the Klingelbourg orchard.

Cider side: Ramborn Cider Co. remains a “Must-have” in local production.

In short, a fairly simple dessert in its preparation but which requires some patience if you want to obtain an aesthetic result on the plate.

Small tip: Cutting apples with a mandolin (very useful kitchen accessory) helps to maintain the regularity of the apple cut and the aesthetics.

Nice tasting!

CĂ©dric Grolet's apple pie recipe

Start with the edge of the pie to take care of the baking finishes. Successively fold about 1 to 2cm of puff pastry inwards using your index finger and using your thumb (It's all about the detail in pastry). The pastry chef works from a very thin dough that he cuts using a large cookie cutter for regularity.Peel your apples (preferably from local farmers), cut them in half and slice them thinly using the mandolin. Gently spread the pieces out, overlapping them evenly, starting from the outside inwards. Each piece must cover more or less half of the previous one in its width, and more or less two thirds of the previous row. The result: An elegant tart with a floral look. You can finalize the preparation with a slice cut in the shape of a flower in the center for the final touch.Place for topping. It is not simpler than a little melted butter heated over low heat. Then coat your apples with a brush and generously sprinkle with brown or white sugar (depending on your preference) before putting in the oven at 180°. The chef's tip: heat cider in a saucepan and use the preparation to coat the pie taken out of the oven before serving. This will raise the assiduity of the fruit and give a beautiful golden color to your creation.


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