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Welcome behind the scenes!

Sissi embarks on this great adventure by revealing her first blog to share with you and help you discover the worlds that surround her.

Among the articles, you will find his favorites through inspirations, discoveries, travels, without forgetting original addresses that are dear to him,...

Le Blog de Sissi

Sissi will also take you behind the scenes of her MUSE by...

  • Discovery of unique brands that have a precious story to tell. Behind every piece, you'll find an artisan's dedication, a designer's commitment to consciously creating.
  • Travels around the world in search of the most unexpected products of unequaled originality.
  • Experience of a unique place, around the desires of the contemporary woman, a set of products that accompany her in her daily life.

We hope you will enjoy this blog and we invite you to come and consult it regularly to discover new finds and participate in the discussion when an article calls out to you or resonates with you.

We look forward to seeing you very soon for new inspirations.

Good reading !