Grilled verbena calamari recipe

New recipe from Sissi - Summer edition

The beautiful days are here and so are the desires for a reunion on the terrace...

Sissi shares her summer recipe with you. Mediterranean flavors through lemony freshness, evocative of travel and mild summer evenings.

A dish to serve as an appetizer or simply as a main course according to your desires.

Recette calamars verveine Ă  la plancha

Recette calamars verveine Ă  la plancha


Calamari lemon verbena

Olive oil

small peppers




Grilled verbena calamari recipe

Have your fishmonger clean the calamari and leave them whole.

Cut in the middle lengthwise to be able to lay them flat.

Marinade preparation

Olive oil

crushed garlic

Chopped lemon verbena

Flake salt (Maldon)

Small dried flaked or fresh red peppers

A dash of lemon 🍋

Mix and distribute this marinade well around and on the calamari.

Leave to rest for 1/2 hour preferably and keep in the fridge.

Heat your plancha to the right power.

Place the calamari on the very hot plancha, in order to mark them well, cooking 10 min Max.

No need to add oil!

Cut lemons 🍋… and serve them on the side.

Serve with a tomato and/or green salad.


Les quantités sont à choisir selon le nombre d'invités autour de la table. 

Sissi vous conseille d'être généreux dans les quantités et dans l'assaisonnement! 


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