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Since 1515, the same family has reigned over the best-kept secret address in jewellery. The Mellerio family is still at the head of the oldest jewelry house in the world, independent since its beginnings.

Today Sissi presents the 15th generation of the House: C么me Mellerio.

L'interview de Sissi avec C么me Mellerio

Muse By meets Mellerio

Elizabeth. G met Maison Mellerio two years ago and fell in love. Whether through its unique history, its open-mindedness or its desire to mix history and modernity, which make it a real gem, Maison Mellerio absolutely had to meet the MUSE by community present in Luxembourg.

The presence of Mellerio Jewelry in our Boutique Muse by鈥

鈥淐reativity, Honesty and Discretion鈥

鈥淚 still remain as sensitive to the family history and the independence of the House as there are few today. The use of Mellerio's DNA and its history with modernity to make creations so current and timeless are its strength and elegance鈥.

Elizabeth G. - Founder of MUSE by

An exclusivity for the Mellerio family, which only presents its creations for sale in its own Boutique at 9 rue de la Paix in Paris and a few temporary sales outlets in Japan.
On this occasion, discover this Saturday, November 26 exclusively, the latest Color Queen collection in Boutique MUSE by in Luxembourg.

Jewelry Mellerio x Muse By

鈥淚t seemed important to me to offer Mellerio in Luxembourg because even if Mellerio is a Franco-Italian Maison, I am from Luxembourg on my mother's side.鈥

"Muse By unearths the most beautiful trendy brands of the moment, so it was natural for us to turn to them to be represented in Luxembourg!"



This year, we are releasing four Pierreries necklaces inspired by the 1820-1830 restoration period by re-using period jewelry techniques such as green gold, for example, which made it possible to bring more naturalism to the creation. In the photo below, the rose is in pink gold, the leaves in green gold, and the seed in yellow gold.鈥

鈥400 years of archives鈥

Your journey and the family history behind Maison Mellerio

鈥淢ellerio is the oldest jewelry house in the world, still family-run and independent since 1613.

I joined the House four years ago now with the aim of promoting the creations of my mother Laure-Isabelle Mellerio who is the President and artistic director of the House.

Its role is to tell the story of French and European jewelery based on the Maison's archives and adding a contemporary filter.

Thus at Mellerio, each collection is inspired by a historical period.鈥


A HERITAGE, preserved for more than 15 generations

Before becoming the name of the jewelry house, Mellerio is that of a family coming from Italy and arriving in France in 1515 under Fran莽ois 1er.

On October 10, 1613, Marie de M茅dicis signed a decree allowing this family to become official supplier of the court and following that most of the queens and empresses of Europe went to Mellerio to be adorned with jewels.

Subsequently, Mellerio remained a family-owned and independent Maison known to jewelry connoisseurs until Laure-Isabelle Mellerio breathed new life into it in 2018 when she took over the presidency.

From then on, his objective was to think of a universe of family home highlighting the 400 years of archives of the house. A modern heritage.

New trends in Fine Jewelry which aims to be more accessible

Historically, Mellerio has always had three professions: JEWELERY 鈥 GOLDSMITH 鈥 JEWELER

Even if the best known of them is that of a jeweler who seeks expertise in gems, Mellerio is also a goldsmith and jeweler. Two trades characterized by the work of the precious metal and in particular the work of gold in the Italian style. In the archives of Mellerio, this was the case for the orders of queens and empresses. They ordered from Mellerio, beautiful ornaments of high jewelry but also small jewels that they wore more simply daily.

Thus, Mellerio was completely legitimate in releasing its jewelry/fine jewelry line called the Muses to pay homage to all of the Maison's great clients over the centuries that inspired the Maison.

鈥淭he Muses of Mellerio naturally had a place at Muse by...鈥

Last but not least 鈥 Color Queen Collection

The Italian Renaissance, a major source of inspiration for the collection, is manifested by its subtle richness of form carried by intoxicating interlacing, techniques of supreme refinement casting an expert eye on optical effects, the vagaries of light , the mysteries of saturation

Laure-Isabelle Mellerio sensitively reconciles the hues of carefully chosen gemstones, using her favorite palette like a painter to create refreshing contrasts or develop smooth shades. To store these 10 precious rings, a box has been designed by the oldest Parisian trunk maker, Maison Goyard.

- Saturday November 26, 2022 -

Event in collaboration with Maison Mellerio - Exclusivity MUSE by

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