The Hat on the Candle

More than a candle...

An invitation to travel, an object resulting from several skills.

Discover the olfactory sensitivity of Maison MUSE by,

Hoping to take you a little into our reverie…

Le Chapeau sur la Bougie

2 signature candles and a 3rd in creation for Printemps...

  • La Première with notes of tomato leaves and ripe fruit
  • The second with notes of Cedar and Sandalwood.

We create with our craftsmen the fragrance, the painted glass, the choice of colors and always the wink with a small insect. Not to mention the lid made by a basketry craftsman.

"Each time the creative process is complete, the start comes from a desire, an olfactory memory." -Elizabeth

Your inspirations for creation and more particularly Christmas candles?

“When I walk in the forest with my dog Mistral, I like to transcribe this scent of fir, moss, sap. And then, going to the Christmas market, I love this scent of candied fruit gingerbread, this gourmet side that makes me crack.
The Orange Cinnamon note which brings this soothing side.

Sometimes, I happen to light the 3 candles at the same time, and I transport myself to the middle of a forest with a Christmas market organized around a wood fire, a dream…..” - Virginie Depoorter

A first trip for the candle

Sissi met Virginie in 2007 during a Christmas market organized in the Atelier Virginie Luxembourg. It was then that Sissi fell in love with Pierre Frey's Vacations in the Mountain photophores.

Virginie had transcribed on the glass, a warm universe. A small tealight candle came to illuminate the decorations and embellish the tables.

Today the tealight holders benefit from the "Made in Luxembourg" label and it is not uncommon to find them on tables in restaurants or in hotels in Paris.

"L'Atelier Virginie Luxembourg, a universe of memories, atmospheres and emotions"

Working with Muse by…

Sissi contacted Virginie and her workshop to create two “tailor-made” signature candles. Two years will have been necessary to improve, to test cold and hot, this new fragrance. A collaboration with a nose in Grasse, round trips of samples to achieve a sublime perfume, around two fragrances on one side Cedar/Sandalwood and on the other Tomato leaves.

And soon a third creation around the fig for spring...

"Elizabeth trusted me and gave me free rein to this unique creation on the occasion of the end-of-year celebrations. When one is a creator, it is constantly seeking to renew oneself, to recover in question.

It's so rewarding to be able to develop such a special signature, dear to Elizabeth.

An honor to be present in the Muse by Boutique in Luxembourg" - Virginie Depoorter

The creative process for the candle?

A control on quality and not quantity for healthy candles.

Virginie attaches meticulous importance to the creation of candles and constantly tests:

  • The high-end vegetable wax from Europe that requires more work
  • The fragrances developed in Grasse with 4 different waxes to obtain satisfactory combustion as well as a hot spray
  • Wicks before putting them on the market.
  • Control on quality, not quantity

By having the Made in LUXEMBOURG label, Virginie is fighting for local and “exclusive” production so as not to invade the country with her products by having them manufactured elsewhere.

A second journey… for glass and colors

See you in Spain for the rest of the trip. Meet the workshop Los Vasos de Agua Clara (VAC)

“When Elisabeth wrote to us before the summer to suggest that we do a new project together before starting to explain ourselves, we already knew that we were going to say yes, because we are big admirers of Muse By like Elizabeth, the soul of the House.” - Clara & Maite

Common inspirations bring together MUSE by and the LOS VASOS DE AGUA CLARA VAC workshop and its designers Clara & Maite.

Met through Instagram and then in person in Madrid to discover the creations of LOS VASOS DE AGUA CLARA (VAC).

Exclusive for this end of the year...

Create something special and unique for Muse By.

Based on the know-how of the workshop (VAC), the idea was to make containers for the three candles chosen by Elizabeth.

The creators immediately chose this glass format, ideal for your interiors and perfect for gifting.

Colors and Patterns Inspiration

Forest, fruit trees and orchard, that's why they chose an emblematic "Melides" motif, around elegant foliage. Perfect for mixing colors like perfumes.

color side

Mixes pigments to obtain unique colors specific to each perfume.

  • The toasted beige for the sandalwood mixed with the gray of the incense when it burns, for a very elegant color combination.

  • Ruby red with green for the third candle which was the tomato but Elizabeth stepped in and told us she liked the idea of mixing red with pink and it was a very special and unique combination!

  • The attention to detail, the addition of an insect to each candle: the mystical dragonflies, the delicate butterflies and the cute ants that make all the beauty of the design in every detail.

And finally …

  • A touch of gold: When the flame is lit, the light is reflected in a warm and elegant way.

A third trip...

Last trip to Portugal for the final touch to this creation.

The “hat on the candle” was made by the expert hands of a basketry craftsman.

From the planting of the plant fiber to the design of the finished product, everything has been designed by the hands of a single artisan near Lisbon.

“All that was missing was “the hat on the candle...” Elizabeth