- Belgian fashion designer, Odile Jacobs met MUSE by in 2017. -

“We met in Knokke Le Zoute during my first pop-up store… I presented my colorful and modern WAX dresses in a boutique.

Christopher, Elizabeth's husband complimented me on my collection, I remember it like it was yesterday. I was very touched. Since then, every year, Elizabeth comes to visit me. ”

Odile Jacobs


1. Focus on the career of Odile Jacobs

Odile Jacobs born in Belgium with Congolese roots is a midwife by profession. She owes her career and her experience to her mother who passed on her passion for WAX. Both went back and forth between Belgium and Congo to sell this fabric in Africa.

"When I was little and my mother came to pick me up from school in WAX, I was ashamed, I brushed against the walls because it caught the eye. Today, I'm proud of it, it's my maternal landmark."

Behind each garment, there is a real strength, a story.

In 2016, Odile launched into fashion and developed her own brand "Odile Jacobs". She decides to raise the level of WAX by modernizing it and paying homage to its Congolese origins. It all started with a basic model buttoned from top to bottom, in ONE size with puffed sleeves, available in several fabrics and in 2 lengths.

In February 2017, Odile took the plunge, thanks to a Belgian-Spanish designer friend who found her dresses magnificent.

"She offered me the chance to present my creations during an unprecedented sale in her Brussels boutique. It was a real success. About a hundred people were present. My children were very proud of me. That's how I started while being a midwife.""

Odile Jacobs raises the level of WAX by giving it a simple and elegant look that can be accessorized and worn in all circumstances. Her creations, Odile thinks them timeless, unique and authentic above all. Each piece is designed by hand, in limited edition.

« Black Odile in Belgium or White Odile in Africa, I am a woman with emotions, feelings, talents, values. I am Odile in agreement with myself, I exist and I assume my double identity through the WAX. » 

2. What are Odile Jacobs' human values?

Authenticity, Simplicity and Elegance


“I would describe my authentic and singular creations and I try to believe through my values to be or to become Mother Theresa of fashion. I want to convey the strength of a woman, of a human being through my creations so that each person can accept themselves as they are. I would travel around the world to see how my clothes shine on people. In my creations, I want the person to have the strength to move forward in this life. Behind each garment, there is a real strength, my story that I share and make travel. What matters to me is the good side of the person. I only want benevolence, simplicity, love around me. »

3. What are your sources of inspiration?

« My mom inspired me a lot, she was a very enterprising woman. Otherwise, everyone inspires me, a trifle pushes me towards a creativity that makes me want to make each person elegant. The 70s also inspire me, I like the old one and I love the look of the nuns, it's sober and elegant. Â»


Through my creations, it's me Odile, it's my story that I make travel

Belgian fashion in the spotlight with Queen Mathilde

In February 2022, Odile receives a call from the Queen's secretary Mathilde saying that the Queen has heard a lot about her creations and would have liked to wear one of her dresses to go on a trip to Congo. After several weeks of work, going back and forth between her home, Ghana and the Royal Palace, Queen Mathilde will wear not one but 3 dresses during her travels in Africa.


On July 21, 2022, it is a consecration, during the Belgian national holiday, eyes are turned towards Queen Mathilde. Her Majesty the Queen elegantly wears a blue patterned dress by Odile Jacobs. 

« It was an even stronger recognition from the Queen of the Belgians. I feel 100% Belgian while having African origins, a story between 2 cultures, Congo and Belgium. This leads to great prospects and gives me even more strength and self-confidence for the future. »

Créations Odile Jacobs

Odile Jacobs enhances our Muse by store with her colorful pieces

Follow the creations of Odile Jacobs on @odilejacobsofficial

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