A moving encounter with Mariela, creator of Amambaih.

The founder tells us about her journey through her family cultural heritage, from her inspirations to the creation of Amambaih.

Born to a German father and a Paraguayan mother, Mariela Schwarz Montiel has creativity and passion in her blood.

After spending her childhood in Paraguay, she continued her studies in Germany and since then has traveled to many countries that nourish her creations and her passion.


Meeting with Mariela Schwarz Montiel - Creator Amambaih

Trained in Italy and France, Mariela Schwarz Montiel, creator of the brands Amambaih Paris and Carlotha Ray, has chosen to believe in working with increasingly sustainable materials from an environmental point of view with her Amambaih creations. Thus respecting all fair trade requirements and introducing an unprecedented approach to sustainable luxury.

Her indigenous background inspired and guided her to create Amambaih, a project to support the artisan community in her home country.

Today his creations are recognizable by this ancestral know-how.

“Our main pillars around our creations: people, responsible design and respect for the earth. »

It all started in 2017, when she had to return to Paraguay to assist her sick father, she met the MakĂ  people there, an indigenous community of the Chaco Boreale: she was immediately struck by their multicolored fabrics, which are worked with respect for nature. and the environment.

Thus was born Amambaih Paris.

A few words to describe your creations

A symphony of colors. An explosion of light.

Each Amambaih creation tells the story of the rich heritage, traditional craftsmanship and unwavering passion that permeates it. Unique and sculptural creations inspired by the desire to change things.

Designed in Paris. Woven in Paraguay. Handmade in Spain.

What is hidden behind the Amambaih project?

Founded on a desire to support Paraguay's indigenous communities and preserve their valuable craftsmanship, Amambaih merges sustainability, craftsmanship and luxury. Each of the brand's footwear designs draws on vibrant and lush fabrics. Handwoven by artisans in Paraguay. Handmade in Spain, Amambaih shoes meet all fair trade requirements and introduce an unprecedented approach to sustainable luxury.

For AMAMBAIH, it is these craftsmen who characterize each collection.

Behind every Amambaih creation are the artisans who bring it to life. The Maká are an indigenous community from Chaco Boreal, Paraguay. Today they mainly live in a new indigenous settlement located in Mariano Roque Alonso, near Asunción.

These craftsmen weave the braids according to the ancestral MakĂ  tradition. Each piece is colored with passion and skill.

MUSE by X AMAMBAIH: A mutual crush

Elizabeth G. meets Mariela M. and her wonderful creations during a collection visit to Paris.

A mutual crush operates immediately. Elizabeth and Mariela will stay in touch and each will follow the evolution of their common passion and inspirations.

When Mariela M. launches her Amambaih brand, the meeting of MUSE by and AMAMBAIH takes on its full meaning. It was obvious to offer in Sissi's favourites, a selection of pieces from the brand. The choice of colors and fabrics chosen can create certain exclusivities for our dear MUSE by customers. Values ​​and know-how dear to the selection of Sissi.

A mutual crush